The VISTA techniques have changed the face of dental implant and soft tissue treatments, and we are proud of the results our students have achieved. You can read and see what our students have said about their experiences with VISTA Institute for Therapeutic Innovations. If you would like to leave our instructors, Dr. Homayoun H. Zadeh, Dr. Steven Wallace and Dr. Lyndon Cooper, feedback about our classes, you can leave a review on this page or contact us at (833) 30-VISTA.

Dr Gaeta Video Testimonial
Dr Fredric Gaeta (GP) – Kailua-Kona, HI
Dr Drew Video Testimonial
Dr. Blake Drew (GP) – Bend, OR
Dr Mellert Video Testimonial
Dr. James Mellert (GP) – Torrance, CA
Unamed Dr Video Testimonial
Unamed Dr Video Testimonial
Unamed Dr Video Testimonial
“Very educational and helpful. Dr Homa Zadeh thank your for your dedication and hard work.”
– Kathy Daroee (GP) Woodland Hills, CA

“Excellent educational facility and superb instructors”
– Dr Roxanne Lowenguth (periodontist), Rochester, NY

Perfect institution to learn from some of the best educators in the field both didactics and hands on courses in addition to live surgical demonstrations. Highly recommended.”
– Shahriar Agahi (Periodontist), Los Angeles, CA

“Excellent course. Very organized. Good staff support. Great info”
– Dr Alice M

“Dr. Zadeh is an amazing periodontist with tremendous knowledge and wisdom.”
– Dr Vilma Y