Dear colleagues and friends
We are pleased to invite you to the inaugural Southern California Consensus Symposium (SCCS), which is scheduled on February 6-8, 2020. The theme of the symposium will be: “Trends in Dentistry – A global perspective on clinical advancements”. Trends are often set by new developments in material, technologies, concepts and protocols. To provide insights about these trends, thought-leaders from academics, clinical practice and industry, will assemble to share their perspectives. They will address issues that are most relevant to our clinical practices today, as well as the trends that will likely impact our practices in the future. The SCCS is an interdisciplinary event, brining experts from many of the disciplines to take a fresh look at some of the important clinical issues of our time. We recognize that you have many options for your continuing education. Some of the reasons for attending the SCCS include: 1) incredible line-up of 22 speakers from 8 countries 2) unique format to include expanded panel discussion to allow interaction among the speakers and the participants 3) interdisciplinary nature of the topics that relate to every clinician and 4) opportunity to meet and network with colleagues during the SCCS. Please join us to learn together from the experts and to be inspired by the latest developments and trends in clinical dentistry.
Dr. Zadeh

Homa H. Zadeh, DDS, PhD

Program chair and moderator