Transitioning Teeth to Implants

Biological, Surgical & Prosthetic Determinants of Success

Homa H. Zadeh, DDS, PhD
Tuition: $2950

  • 14 hours of on-demand online education
  • 14 hours of live lecture + hands-on workshop + live surgery
  • Live event: Saturday and Sunday August 24 & 25, 2019

In the transitioning of teeth to implants, dozens of decisions have to be made by clinicians, based on patient and site characteristics, some of which are more critical than others. This presentation will focus on critical risk factors that have to be assessed. Site characteristics, such as the presence and thickness of facial plate, soft tissue biotype will be reviewed. Material selected such as the type of graft material and implant can affect the outcome. Moreover, the protocol utilized such as, whether to place the implant immediately into the extraction socket or following delayed healing following ridge preservation, implant position, whether to graft the horizontal gap between socket and implant, augment the soft tissue or provisionalize the implant are important to the final outcome. This presentation will provide the biologic rationale with the most recent scientific evidence, as well outline clinical guidelines for replacement of teeth with implants.

Educational Objectives

  • Risk assessment for tooth replacement in various sites: esthetic zone, posterior region
  • Protocol for immediate implant placement and provisionalization into extraction sockets.
  • Timing of implant placement: immediate, early and delayed implant placement
  • Rationale & protocol for alveolar ridge preservation socket grafting
  • Ridge preservation socket grafting: autogenous tissue, resorbable & non-resorbable barrier membranes, flap vs flapless, exposed vs covered healing.
  • Management of sites with thin mucosal and bone phenotype
  • Management of extraction sockets with dehiscence of alveolar walls
  • Material selection: allograft, xenograft, alloplast for socket grafting
  • Application of Leukocyte Platelet Rich Fibrin (L-PRF) in extraction sockets
  • The role of soft tissue augmentation and selection appropriate technique and material
  • Prosthetic consideration: restorative contour, material and protocol

Simulated exercises and live surgery demonstration:

  • Minimally invasive tooth extraction with piezosurgery, Easy X-Trac and other instrumentation
  • Ridge preservation socket grafting for extraction sockets with intact walls and with dehiscence
  • Immediate implant placement in anterior and molar sites
  • Soft tissue augmentation around extraction sockets
  • Immediate provisionalization

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