Practical Microsurgery

Improving outcomes through precision in intra-oral surgical procedures

Homa H. Zadeh, DDS, PhD
Tuition: $2950

  • 14 hours of on-demand online education
  • 14 hours of live lecture + hands-on workshop
  • Live event: Saturday-Sunday, May 30-31, 2020

Clinicians can only treat what they can see. Working under operating microscope provides several advantages, including superior illumination, high degree of magnification, ability to perform precision dentistry and ergonomic posture. The outcome of surgical procedures depends on a variety of factors. Preservation of vascular supply is the key factor in wound healing. Microsurgery can significantly improve the outcome of flap management. Flap adaptation and suturing can be more precisely accomplished through operating microscope. Perhaps the most critical aspect of intraoperative visualization is the method of illumination. The operating microscope provides superior illumination through “internal coaxial illumination”, which means that the light passes through the optics. This form of illumination does not create shadow, which is in contrast to external illumination of the operatory light and loops, which can create shadow. Minimally invasive surgery seeks to preserve and protect healthy tissues and specifically directing the therapy to diseased tissues. The combination of increased magnification and superior illumination allows clinicians to perform minimally invasive surgery. The operative microscope also provides a great opportunity for documentation through still and video recording, which can be used for patient education, and presentation. This intense 4-day course (2 days of live + 2 days of recorded presentations) introduces clinicians to the fundamentals of working under surgical microscope, as well as to provide practical experience with multiple surgical procedures to be completed under microscope. This will establish a level of comfort to begin the journey toward integration of surgical microscope, as a tool to improve clinical outcomes.

Educational Objectives

  • Introduction to the operating microscope: features and functions
  • Para-focal adjustment and focusing
  • Positioning of operator and patient
  • Documentation under surgical microscope: still and video recording
  • Integrate the skills practiced in the microsurgical training to increase competency for flap management.

Simulated Workshop and Live Surgery

  • Step-by-step operation of the surgical microscope
  • Incision design, donor tissue harvesting and flap management under surgical microscope
  • Suture techniques for improved flap adaptation under surgical microscope
  • Immediate implant placement into fresh extraction sockets under surgical microscope
  • Soft tissue augmentation: VISTA live surgery

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