Advanced Applications of VISTA for Oral Plastic Surgery

Homa H. Zadeh, DDS, PhD

Course Description

Vestibular Incision Subperiosteal Tunnel Access (VISTA) can be used in Oral Plastic Surgery (OPS) to address a variety of soft tissue and bone deficiencies around teeth and implants. The concept of VISTA is very well-aligned with plastic surgical principles, offering many surgical advantages, including 1) ease of release of tissues for tension-free mobilization of mucosal tissues to be repositioned 2) access for placement of a variety of graft material directly over deficient sites, 3) avoidance of the need for papilla incision  and 4) stabilization of tissues with bonded sutures for effective regeneration.  In addition, there are  biologic advantages, such as preservation of the blood supply and enhanced healing.  This course will offers practical technical and clinical experience with advanced applications of VISTA for periodontal and peri-implant soft tissue reconstruction.


Educational Objectives


  • Case selection

Risk Assessment: 

  • Patient and site characteristics
  • Management of patient/site risks
  • Anatomic considerations and risks

Applications of VISTA: 

  • Periodontal root coverage for the treatment of gingival recession
  • Peri-implant mucosal recession coverage
  • Implant placement through VISTA

Material Selection:

  • Sources of autogenous tissue:
  • Subepithelial connective tissue graft
  • Palate vs tuberosity
  • Allogenic grafts: ADM-acellular dermal matrix (Alloderm)
  • Xenograft:
    • Form-stable cross-linked collagen matrix (FibroGide)
    • Native collagen matrix (Mucograft)
  • Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF)
    • Biology and rationale
    • Solid matrix PRF
    • iPRF injectable liquid PRF
    • Centrifugation protocol


  • Treatment of advanced and generalized gingival recession defects with VISTA
  • VISTA protocol for guided tissue regeneration
  • Applications of VISTA for peri-implant tissue augmentation
  • Contour augmentation of peri-implant and pontic sites
  • Phenotype conversion therapy with VISTA

Orthodontic therapy:

  • Adjunctive orthodontic for gingival margin and interdental embrasure space management
  • Conventional orthodontic vs clear aligner therapy


  • Prevention and management

Pre- and post-operative Care:

  • Antibiotics and antiseptics
  • Anti-inflammatory agents & Supplements


Hands-on Workshop

  • Step-by-step protocol for Vestibular Incision subperiosteal tunnel access (VISTA) for the treatment of gingival recession defect
    • Incision location
    • Subperiosteal tunnel protocol
    • Coronally anchored suturing technique
  • Donor tissue harvesting: tuberosity and palate
  • Biomaterial use: xenograft & allograft


Surgery Demonstration

  • VISTA for periodontal root coverage of mandibular teeth
  • Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) preparation and application
  • Donor tissue harvesting and application


Educational Format

This is an online on-demand course.

All participants will have access to all online course resources, which can be accessed on-demand, including:

  • Lectures on background, scientific evidence and clinical case management
  • Clinical videos demonstrating surgical and prosthetic protocols
  • References: PDF files of publications and manuals
  • Material list

Lectures and Hands-On Workshop

Participants will have access to all online educational material and can access the material on an on-demand basis.

All instruments and workshop material will be shipped to participants to allow completion of all simulated exercises at participants’ homes or offices.

Lecture Only

Participants will have access to all online educational material and can access the material (lectures, recorded surgeries and watching the hand-on demonstrations) on an on-demand basis.


$695 Remote Learning: Lecture + Workshop

$495 Remote Learning: Lectures Only

    • 8 hours of on-demand online education that includes:
      • Lecture
      • Hands-on workshop
      • Surgery demonstration
  • Course bundle: Intro and Advanced online VISTA courses: save 20% off of combined tuition.
  • Tuition for remote workshops includes two-way shipment of all supplies to allow participants to complete the workshops in their own facility.
  • Live VISTA course voucher: Clinicians who participate in online format of any course will receive a voucher for 30% discount on in-person version of that course.
  • VISTA ABC kit voucher: Clinicians who participate in both “Introduction” and “Advanced” courses will receive a voucher for 20% discount on VISTA-ABC kit.

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