Regenerative Periodontal Therapy

Course Faculty: Homa H. Zadeh, DDS, PhD and Giulio Rasperini, DDS, MS

Course Description

Periodontal regenerative therapy aims to restore periodontal attachment apparatus destroyed by inflammatory periodontal diseases. The objectives of periodontal regenerative therapy include improvement of the prognosis of teeth, as well as restoration of health, function, esthetics and comfort. Over the years, a variety of therapeutic approaches have been described. Ample long-term data have documented the efficacy of regenerative periodontal therapy. Periodontal regeneration has been shown to improve the prognosis of hopeless teeth and is a less costly alternative to tooth extraction and replacement with implants. More importantly, when provided the choice, most patients prefer to save their own natural teeth rather than to extract and replace them with implants. In particular, the recognition of many of the complications with implant therapy have prompted re-examination of the merits of periodontal therapy, in order to preserve natural teeth. This course takes an in-depth and systematic approach to providing participants with the requisite information required to diagnose, select appropriate cases and provide effective evidence-based therapy for patients with moderate to advanced periodontitis.


Educational Format

This course offers flexible educational format to accommodate all clinicians’ needs and interests.
Participation may take place either:

  • Lecture only or lecture plus hands-on workshops


Educational Objectives


  • Periodontal disease Classification and diagnosis
  • Osseous defect morphology and effects on outcome

Risk Assessment:

  • Systemic and local risk factors and risk indicators
  • Modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors/indicators

Periodontal Prognosis:

  • Parameters that influence prognosis
  • Prognostic systems
  • Practical application of prognosis in decision making
  • Comparison of periodontal therapy vs implant therapy

Evidence Based Therapy:

  • Efficacy of periodontal therapy vs implant therapy
  • Long-term outcomes of periodontal therapy


  • Wound healing in regenerative therapy

Material Selection:

  • Barrier membranes
  • Bone grafts
    • Autogenous bone: sources and harvesting techniques
    • Bone substitutes: allogenic, xenogenic, alloplastic
  • Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF)
  • Growth factors
  • Enamel Matrix Protein (Embdogain)

Control of Inflammation:

  • Mechanical initial periodontal therapy
  • Local and systemic antimicrobial therapy
  • Microbial sampling and diagnostic microbiology

Lasers in Periodontal Therapy:

  • Laser types used in periodontal therapy
  • Soft tissue and hard tissue lasers
  • Wound healing following laser therapy
  • Review of evidence


  • Rationale and therapeutic approaches
  • Flap design: minimally invasive flap design
  • Suture techniques in regenerative sites
  • VISTA in periodontal regeneration
  • Treatment of class II furcation involvement
  • Treatment of intra-osseous defects


  • Prevention and management

Pre- and Post-Operative Care:

  • Antibiotics and antiseptics
  • Anti-inflammatory agents & Supplements

Periodontal Maintenance Therapy

Hands-On Workshop Simulated Exercises

  • Flap design in different anatomic regions
  • Surgical protocol for intra-osseous defects
  • Treatment of class II furcation defects
  • Vestibular Incision: subperiosteal tunnel access (VISTA) for periodontal regeneration


Live Surgery Demonstration

  • Treatment of intra-osseous defect
  • Treatment of class II furcation defect



$1295 Remote Learning: Lecture + Workshop

$995 Remote Learning: Lectures Only

Tuition for remote workshops includes two-way shipment of all supplies to allow participants to complete the workshops in their own facility.


CE Units

16 hours of online on-demand online education (including: lecture, hands-on workshop, and live surgery demonstration)

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