The faculty of VISTA Institute are world-class educators, who are committed to providing the latest evidence-based information, concepts, techniques and protocols to increase your knowledge base and clinical skills. We invite you to participate in the upcoming educational programs. You can register for these courses online. Contact us via email ([email protected]) or Phone ((833) 30-VISTA) for any inquiries.

What is a Blended Curriculum?
This is an educational format that combines on-demand online learning in conjunction with live classroom education. This format exploits the best of both live and online learning.

What are the benefits of a Blended Curriculum?

  • Clinician/learners have an opportunity to acquire basic background information through online learning prior to the live sessions, so that they can get the most out of the live courses.
  • Learners can save time to reduce the number of days required to attend live sessions.
  • Learners have access to on-demand material as references

Time allocation:

  • hours of online on-demand education is intended to be completed prior to the live event.
  • days (14 hours) of live education, consisting of lecture, simulated exercises and live clinical demonstrations.
  • hours of online on-demand education to be completed after the live event.

If you are interested in enrolling in one of our classes or would like more information about our courses, please contact the institute via email or at (833) 30-VISTA.