Leading Experts of Esthetic Dentistry: Enduring Esthetics Through Restoration of Health

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Esthetic dentistry is not about mere improvement of superficial appearance. How does esthetic enhancement serve our patients if there are underlying problems that jeopardize its maintenance? Enduring esthetics can only be achieved through restoration of health. This requires a holistic approach to consider the whole patient. This educational event will bring together leading experts of periodontology, prosthodontics, orthodontics, implant dentistry, oral medicine and restorative dentistry. These experts will discuss some of the most relevant topics in clinical dentistry, including peri-implantitis, periodontitis, worn dentition, immediate implant therapy, ceramic implants, oral pathology, airway health, orthodontics, occlusion and osteoporosis medications. This is an event which is appropriate for clinicians of all disciplines. Hope to see you there.

Speakers & Topics:


Sameh El-Ebrashi: Esthetic complications of full-arch implant supported prosthesis

Kia Karimi: Resin Infiltration: minimally invasive restorative treatment of white spot lesions

Joseph Kan: Immediate Tooth Replacement in the esthetic zone: Science, Art & Limitations

Baldwin Marchak: The role of occlusion in esthetics & implant dentistry Richard Roblee: The Next Generation of Interdisciplinary Esthetics: Digitally Empowered with Focus on Airway

Abdi Sameni: Minimally invasive bonded restoration

Neimar Sartori: Rehabilitating Complex Cases: Integrating Digital Technology with Esthetic and Functional Principles

Parish Sedghizadeh: An update on oral lesions and pathology for the clinician: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Parish Sedghizadeh: Anti-resorptive therapy and medication-related ostenoecrosis of the jaw

Karl Ulrich Volz: Ceramic implants – the Swiss BioHealth concept

Hom-Lay Wang: Unfolding peri-implantitis

Homa Zadeh: Reconstruction of atrophic alveolar ridge for prosthetically guided restoration

Homa Zadeh: Periodontal regeneration + clear aligner therapy for saving teeth with advanced periodontitis


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Sunday June 25, 2023, 8:00AM – 12:00 PM

Title: Submerged approach for Peri-implantitis infra-osseous defects regeneration

Speaker: Hom-Lay Wang, DDS, MSD, PhD

Abstract: Implant complications have become a major challenge for many dentists who placed implants. This hands-on exercise is designed to train participants in the newly developed “EP-DDS submerged approach” for regenerating of peri-implant infraosseous defects.  This exercise will help participants become familiar with the approach and its technique.

Educational Objectives:

  • Know how to perform EP-DDS protocol for regenerating peri-implant defects.
  • Learn how to do perform implantoplasty and guided bone regeneration
  • Familiarize yourself of tools for disinfected contaminated implant surface 

Sunday June 25, 2023, 1:00 – 5:00 PM

Joseph Kan, DDS, MS

Immediate implant placement and soft tissue augmentation in the esthetic zone.

Implant placement in the esthetic zone is challenging with very little room for error. Immediate implant placement is even more challenging due to all of the parameters that have to be considered to increase it’s predictability.  This hands-on session will involve placement of an implant in a proper 3D position in the anterior fresh extraction socket. Soft tissue augmentation is an important aspect of the protocol to ensure proper mucosal contour and prevent future esthetic complications. This workshop will entail exercise in harvesting connective tissue graft from the lateral palate and placing via a tunnel onto the facial aspect of the implant. The participants will also learn how to prepare an immediate provisionalize with proper sub-gingival contour.

Educational Objectives:

  • Criteria for 3D implant position into fresh extraction socket
  • Soft tissue augmentation using tunnel technique around immediate implant
  • Immediate provisional: criteria and technique for contour development



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Remote Lecture$495$695$795
Lecture + 1 Workshop$1195$1395$1495
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